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Agricultural Support

To work for the enhanced output and quality products in agro industry, especially in rural areas of Pakistan.

Back Ground
75% population in Pakistan is associated with agriculture as their prime means of earning livelihood. In mountains, where, other avenues of income such as manufacturing industries are also non existant, the people primarily rely on agriculture as their mean of sustenance. Due to the water shortages, dropping down of under surface water and mismanagement on the water storage on rivers, Pakistan is facing water crisis. The cultiveable land is shrinking and population is as fast growing as ever.

Our Commitment
To tackle the issue at one end, research based agriculture is the need of the time, where, per square yard output is enhanced through application of scientific means. Optimization is the only solution. In order to meet the challenges of food security, communities need to take matters at their own hand. KIDF Pakistan, with assistance from partners, implementing a program in  which a small research farm is maintained to test the crops from different breeds and provide seeds of better quality crops and fruit trees.  The efforts are in hand to further enhance the scope of this reseach facility for a more responsive output.
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